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Indianapolis Colts 5 Potential 2016 NFL Free Agency Targets
The Indianapolis Colts were preseason favorites in the AFC to get into Super Bowl 50 to represent the conference against the NFC. That didn?t end up being the case and the Colts didn?t end up even making the playoffs.
Chuck Pagano and the Colts finished the season at 8-8,wholesale jerseys free shipping, although a big part of that had to do with the injury struggles that franchise quarterback Andrew Luck had to deal with.
Despite the disappointing season,wholesale jerseys free shipping, the hopes are still high for the Colts looking ahead to next season. Jim Irsay is willing to spend to make a Super Bowl contender,2016 nike seattle seahawks jersey, which could mean they will look to make a splash or two in free agency. This would be a good offseason to do that,online jerseys, as there are many high profile free agents.
Indianapolis is going to be a very intriguing free agency destination even with the disappointing year that they had. Having a quarterback like Luck will attract offensive and defensive players alike.
All of that being said,wholesale nfl jersey, let?s dive in and take a look at five potential 2016 NFL free agency targets for the Colts.
One position of need heading into free agency will be the tight end position. Indianapolis has both Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen entering free agency and may decide to go a different direction. Zach Miller broke out with the Chicago Bears this past season and would be a huge pickup and upgrade for the Colts.



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